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The origins of
our brand name 「雪月花」.

The time of 「雪月花」,
portrays the moments of beauty that lie
in the four seasons of Japan.

In the Winter, we embrace the snow,「雪」.
In the Autumn, we lay hope to the shining moon,「月」.
In the Spring, we ponder about our loved ones
upon the falling cherry blossoms,「花」.

The last season that is hidden in the name of 雪月花,
is the season which we give up our hearts to the waves of the ocean.
Summer is the time, we surfers, devote our souls to the active water.

Therefore, I want to dedicate this name
to all those who pour their passion into surfing.
To represent our passion,
we have all our wet suits made with our name 「雪月花」 
embroidered onto the chest, closest to our hearts.